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How To Use IF Functions: Google AdWords

Google Introduces IF Functions To AdWords At Level Up Marketing, we like to bring you all of the latest and greatest news when it comes to digital marketing. As providers of AdWords management in Bedfordshire, we need to be on the ball! Recently, Google released Google AdWords IF functions as a feature on their Search […]

50 Google AdWords Tips: 2017

50 Google AdWords Tips to Consider in 2017 Google AdWords can be very daunting. Whether you are brand new to it or you have some experience, there’s a high chance that there are a lot of things you’re unaware of. At Level Up Marketing, we have the best knowledge on how to run effective Google […]

Rio 2016: Olympic Marketing Facts

Rio 2016: Gold Level Advertising As the Olympics are well underway and athletes are counting medals, there is another group of people who are winning gold. They may not be standing on a podium in front of thousands of fans, nor have their national anthem echoed in the stadium. However, their voice is as loud as […]

Benefits Of A Digital Marketing Agency

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Agency If you run a business, regardless as to who you sell your products or services to,  you’ll ned a digital marketing agency. Digital marketing is a fantastic way to open your company up to new opportunities. Forget regular marketing. Everything nowadays is online. If you need something, where […]

Are You Looking For Web Design?

How Can We Help? You’ll want to find a local company to help with web design in Bedford. Why? Simple! Our experience tells us that when looking for a web design company, it’s always a good shout to go local. It reduces any communication barriers and helps build a good relationship. Having your website designed professionally opens […]

Why You Need An SEO Company

Want An SEO Company? You need an SEO company. You may not know why you need it, how much it’s going to cost or the specific benefits. All you might know is that you need it! Luckily for you, Level Up Marketing can be your shining light. Our specialist SEO campaigns can get you the results that […]

Do You Need An SEO Agency?

Need an SEO Agency? As a full-service digital marketing agency, Level Up Marketing should be your number one choice when it comes to looking for an SEO agency in Bedford. As a business, we deal with hundreds of clients in various sectors and industries. We help businesses with both national SEO and local SEO. Search engine […]