Choosing an adwords agency

Choosing An AdWords Agency

Looking for a Google AdWords Agency?

If you’ve found this page, then you’re probably looking for a local Google AdWords agency. Well, the good news is that Level Up Marketing are able to help! We’re a full-service digital marketing agency, based locally in Bedford itself. Our speciality is Google AdWords as we are a fully badged Google Partner. Now, this might not mean much to you; but in a nutshell, what it means is that Level Up Marketing and its staff have had to meet certain requirements set by Google themselves. This involves aspects such as customer value, performance, retention rate and most importantly, the Google exams.

Requirements for the Google Partners programme

  • Google Exams – need to pass the fundamentals and one other exam with over 90% pass rate. This shows Google that we know what we’re talking about and ultimately, how to run Google AdWords campaigns for our customers.
  • Customer Spend – reach a high level of spend over 90 days, whilst being active over 60 of those days. This proves to Google that we can retain our customers and generate a good return on investment.
  • Campaign Performance – Generate high click-through-rates, low cost-per-clicks and deliver optimised campaigns. This means we make the correct ongoing changes based on our analysis which overall, improves performance and lowers costs.

To as a result of this, we should be your choice for a Google AdWords Agency in Bedford due to our knowledge, customer care and customer satisfaction. If that wasn’t true, how would we have earned the Google Partners badge?

Level Up Marketing Google Partner


Why a Google AdWords Agency can help

Now, a lot of people look at the Google AdWords platform and think to themselves ‘this has been designed so that inexperienced digital marketers like me can use it!’. Sadly, this isn’t the case. When it comes to a business owner or a non-experienced marketing department starting an AdWords campaign, it can all be very daunting.

There are perhaps, over 100 different factors to consider within a campaign, so for someone to give it a go without experience means that they probably won’t get the best results. We’ve actually written an article on Google AdWords Tips, so if you do feel confident enough to bite the bullet and give it a go, feel free to check it out! However, if you look at that article and think to yourself ‘I have no idea what any of this means’, which you probably will if you’re looking for an agency to help, then it’s probably best to use an agency.

Ultimately, the goal within AdWords is to generate leads, however, when using an agency, the aim for them is to generate as many leads as possible for as little investment as possible. You have to bear in mind, that you’re paying a company to generate results, if they don’t generate results, they don’t get paid! How’s that for motivation? So, you probably want to know how we can get better results than you can.

What can we improve on?

Using our knowledge and experience, we can achieve the following:

  • Improve quality scores
  • Target better keywords
  • Increase clicks
  • Reduce cost-per-click
  • Increase Ad relevance
  • Improve click-through-rate
  • Deliver a better average position
  • Generate more conversions

All of the above means that your costs will be lower. More importantly, however, it means that you’ll generate more conversions. Conversions, as we all know, lead to sales, which is the whole reason you’re looking at Google AdWords.

Why choose Level Up Marketing?

Apart from the obvious fact that we’ve proven our worth to Google, there are many reasons. We work with every business type. This means that we won’t turn you down if you’re truly in need of our help, we believe that our expertise should be shared with everyone out there because DIY AdWords isn’t for everyone.

Take a look at our reviews! See what our customers say about us on TrustPilot. All of our reviews are genuine and any that aren’t get taken down, so you know they are trustworthy.

We are a full-service agency. We don’t want it to stop at Google AdWords. Level Up Marketing want to manage all of your online marketing! Whether it’s a new website, search engine optimisation or social media marketing, we want to help. Level Up Marketing are an SEO agency too, so don’t forget! If you’re looking for SEO in Bedford, we can help you.

Client retention. We are happy to boast a client retention rate of over 90%. That isn’t easy to do. Ensuring that we set the right expectation and deliver upon that is paramount. This is because we really want everyone to be happy within our business.

One last thing. We also offer website design to our clients. If you need web design in Bedford, read the article to learn more.

Where in Bedford are we?

So, if you’ve managed to get this far you can probably see why we should be your choice for a Google AdWords Agency. The next step from here is to get in touch with us! You can do this by calling us on 020 3621 6555 or emailing Alternatively, if you fancy it, pop down to see us! Our address is:

Bedford I-lab Stannard Way, Priory Business Park, Bedford MK44 3RZ

For more information, visit our Google AdWords Management page.