how to increase social media engagement for free

How To Increase Social Media Engagement For Free

Do you want to increase social media engagement?

With more business’s jumping on the social network trend, it’s instantly become harder to get your voice heard! If you have not got the marketing budget to spend on sponsored ads, no need to worry. Here are 5 easy ways to increase social media engagement for free:

1. Frequent Content

The number one killer for most pages is that their content comes to a complete halt. Slightly annoying when you’ve found an awesome giveaway, competition or blog post but you notice the date as… (Posted 4 weeks ago).  Half-hearted pages are not going to keep people or potential consumers engaged. They want ‘Hot off the Press’, relevant and frequent media. You don’t have to post every day, but It’s easy to choose two/three specific days you send your fans some new piece of info to bite their teeth into.

2. Engage with your Audience

The number one let down is not communication or appreciating your own audience. If someone comments, tags a friend or simply likes every picture you post, send some love back! It can be as easy as tagging them with an accompanying emoji. People are more inclined to engage with a page that appreciates their followers, which will result in people commenting more or a follow.

3. Messaging/DM’s

No naughties in the DM’s! Yo Gotti might be onto something, “It goes down in the DM’s” We are not talking about the naughty selfie pics, but we are talking about personal invites and sending links. We would recommend targeting the people you want to message most, whether it’s Facebook messaging or Instagram. Pick influential people who your more than likely will get a response, shout out or comment from. This could boost your traffic from their followers or simply form a collaboration.

4. Hashtag!

The Power of Hashtag. Sometimes overlooked, but if used correctly then it can cause some new traffic your way. We recommend not using such common hashtags, #picoftheday #business #recruitment… Your picture will vanish in seconds as thousands if not millions will push it lower down the feed. Use alternative hashtags as they will stick around such as #fuelyourmondays #Jobsforsuperhumans. It’s best to have a good mix of common and creative hashtags to try and balance the influx of views.

5. Shoutout’s and Creative Sharing

Recently done an amazing project with another company, why not shout them out or boast about it at least. They might have a bigger following so for them to do likewise will be really beneficial. If you’ve liked a certain artist, competitor or creator’s work let them know you’re following their work and progression. It’s all about being social with other people in the right circles and industry to really elevate your brand.

So there you have it, 5 great ways to increase social media engagement for free! If you need any help with social media marketing in Bedford, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be able to help.


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