Do You Need An SEO Agency?

Do You Need An SEO Agency?

Need an SEO Agency?

As a full-service digital marketing agency, Level Up Marketing should be your number one choice when it comes to looking for an SEO agency in Bedford. As a business, we deal with hundreds of clients in various sectors and industries. We help businesses with both national SEO and local SEO. Search engine optimisation or SEO is an art which needs to be undertaken by an experienced team. The reason being, that if anything goes wrong by people who don’t know what they’re doing, then it could be detrimental to your search engine rankings. At the end of the day, who wants that?

No matter which sector you work in, it is needless to say that search engine optimisation is incredibly beneficial. Just think about it… What do you do when you need a product or service, but don’t know anyone that can offer it? Good old trusty Google! (or another search engine.) SEO offers businesses a doorway to their online shop window – their website.

So how does it all work?

Search engine optimisation is a process that is undertaken by experts to tell the search engines why your website is more relevant than a competitors’ website. Ultimately, there are over 150 different factors that Google and other search engines will look at when deciphering where to position you for a search term. There are a few key factors such as:

  • Content relevancy – How does the content on this website relate to what the user is looking for?
  • Technical aspects – How much help is this website giving the search engine so it can understand what the website is about?
  • Trust of source – How many other sources across the internet say that this website is a trusted source?
  • Geography – Has the user asked a geographical based question or query? If so, which websites are local to that search?

Think of all of the websites in the world as a page to one big book. Then think of Google as the index section of this book with a slight twist. The twist being, you tell Google, the index, what you are looking for. It will then take you to the page(s) which are most relevant! When you look at it that way, things become a bit clearer.

What to look for when choosing an SEO agency

Ah, another important question you ask. ‘What makes someone a good SEO agency?’. The answer is simple. Look at a number of things including:


SEO agencies in Bedford

  • Customer reviews/Testimonials
  • Accreditations
  • Examples of previous successes
  • Examples of reporting/analysis
  • Personal experiences in your sector

These are some of the main and most important things. If you get a good feeling from the answers to the above, then the chances are, you’ve bagged yourselves a good SEO agency!

Here at Level Up Marketing, we believe that we can answer all of these questions to give you the necessary confidence that you’ll need.

Our Search Engine expertise

Our search engine expertise is relatively vast. It doesn’t just stem down to SEO or search engine optimisation, but also includes pay per click marketing such as Google AdWords. Just whilst we’re on that note, feel free to look at some Google AdWords tips and tricks for 2016. We have a few accreditations to back up our expertise. This includes our Google Partnership status.

As well as being a partner of one of the biggest companies in the world and the biggest company in the search engine game, we’re also an accredited Woorank Expert. Woorank is a tool that SEO agencies such as us use to look at some of the technical SEO aspects of websites. Woorank offers an experts programme to show agencies customers that they know what they’re talking about.

Finally, just look at our TrustPilot reviews! They speak for themselves.

What makes us your SEO Company choice?

Other than the above, if you’re still not sure why we should be your choice for an SEO agency, then here’s another reason. All of our customer’s campaigns start off on a 3-month contract. Now, even though we feel that SEO should be undertaken for at least 6 months, we understand that some people are a tad sceptical. After the 3 months is up, the contracts simply roll on month-by-month. This gives you, the customer, that extra bit of security. However, this enables us, the agency, to do enough initial work to show you that we’re improving your rankings.

If you’re in or around Bedfordshire and we may be able to help, great! Whether you’re looking for an SEO company or a social media agency in Bedford, Get in touch with us on 020 3621 6555 or email