Reputable SEO Agency

Reputable SEO Agency

Looking For A Reputable SEO Agency?

No doubt, you’ve come here looking for a reputable SEO agency. You need someone to do a job and do it well. Luckily, you have Level Up Marketing. We’re here to make your life nice and easy. We can help you understand why we’re a trustworthy company. Level Up Marketing can also show you where you may have made mistakes with previous agencies and what you should be looking for. So let’s dive down and take a look at answering some of the questions you may have asked yourself whilst also understanding how Level Up Marketing can help.

Understand Your Needs

The first step is to understand your needs. Knowing what you’re after is going to define what you need to look for. This also helps set your own expectations and gets you understanding the type of agency that you should work with. Your opinion of a reputable SEO agency compared to someone else’s is different. A majority of the time, the reason someone is unhappy with their search engine optimisation is due to expectation.

It’s not always about the level or amount of work that was done. A trusted search engine optimisation agency should help you set expectations. You can help decipher your needs by asking some questions:

1. How competitive is my product/service? – We all know some areas are more competitive than others. The more competitive, the longer it is going to take and the harder it is to rank you.

2. How competitive is my geography? – If you have many competitors in your targeted geography, perhaps consider targeting a different location. It could get you a good return on investment quicker.

3. How quickly do I want results? – Ultimately, this is a big one. If you want to rank mega quick, then you’re going to have to spend more money. As a general rule of thumb, results take between 3 and 9 months.

4. How many services/products do I want to rank for? – The more products or services that you have, the more complex it all becomes. You’ll have to consider either spending more money short term or accept it will take longer to rank you for all of the search terms.

5. What is my potential ROI? – Looking at your potential profits and ROI will help define whether or not search engine optimisation is for you. If you’re only making small margins and can’t cope with high levels of sales, then you may not get a positive ROI.

6. How many leads do I want to generate? – Looking at the number of leads that you’re looking to generate will help you realise how much you need to invest. If you want lots of leads, then you need lots of work!

7. Do I want to track my results? – Some agencies like Level Up Marketing can help you track your results. If you like, we can set up unique phone numbers on your website along with tracking enquiry forms and emails. This is a premium service, so something to consider.

8. Do I want regular reporting? – Some clients look to have as many updates as possible. Looking at if you want regular reporting helps offer your potential agency some info on your needs and requirements.

9. Have I had any SEO work done before? – If you’ve had SEO work done before (as long as it’s done well) agencies such as Level Up Marketing can offer an SEO audit on your website. This can give you an idea of how much work there is to do.

10. What is my budget? – Knowing your budget is incredibly important. Perhaps you can’t come to this decision until you know about how much work goes into SEO… However, the bottom line is that you pay for what you get. The more you spend, the more you’ll be able to target and the quicker results will happen.

How Does This Help?

All of these factors should help you decide on a few things.

  • The type of agency to work with
  • The amount of money you should invest
  • The speed of results
  • Your involvement with the task at hand
  • Whether or not SEO is right for your business

What Am I Looking For?

Looking for a reputable SEO company should spark up some points of interest. You may mot be sure what to accept as good or bad when it comes to USP’s or experience. You should be looking for some of the following things when considering a search engine optimisation.

Case Studies – Can they provide you with statistics around a previous client? Statistics being their returns over a certain period of time, the results in which they achieved over X period etc.

Examples Of Results – Show results of previous clients positions. How many page one positions from clients in a similar industry have they generated?

Reviews – Do they invest in an online review platform such as TrustPilot?

What Tools The Agency Uses – 

Do You Understand SEO? – Does the SEO company teach you about search engine optimisation before signing up? There are as many a 200 aspects in search engine optimisation. Founder of Backlinko Brian Dean covers a majority of the Factors in this article.


Who Can I Trust?

So, this is the bottom line: who do I trust? Well, when it comes to looking for a reputable SEO agency, it’s all about honesty. At the end of the day, you don’t want to be let down by a lack of integrity. If an agency can disappoint you before signing up with some questions that you were expecting good answers to, then this is a good thing. Some examples would be:

Q: How quickly will I be page 1?

A: We can’t guarantee a time frame. There are too many variables to consider. Generally, some results will have already happened by month three, others may take as long as 9 months to rank on page one. Some may not even rank on page 1 by that time.

Q: Can you guarantee top position?

A: No. Top position cannot be guaranteed as it is almost impossible to understand every aspect of every competitors’ strategy behind a keyword. What we can say is that it isn’t impossible to rank you position 1, page 1.

Q: I’ve heard backlinks are a good. Can you build lots of links in a month?

A: No. Google frowns upon either spammy links or high volume of links being created quickly. It can tell that you’re almost trying to cheat the system. Backlinks should be built in the most natural way possible.

Here’s The Thing

The reality of it all is that not everyone IS a reputable SEO agency. So not everyone is going to be honest with you. However, saying this, when has every company in an industry remained integral and honest? Following all of these steps helps you understand what to expect, who to choose and how to go about planning your search engine optimisation company. You need to be wise in your decision to chose a reputable SEO agency.

Why Does This Matter?

This is the question you’ll be asking yourself. This all matters because these are factors that will accept your satisfaction when it comes to choosing the right SEO company. Choosing the right company from the get go just makes your life a lot easier. It means that moving forward, you can potentially use this agency for other products such as pay per click or Google AdWords as it is more commonly known.

How Can Level Up Marketing Help?

If you’ve got this far, you’ll be happy to know that Level Up Marketing are able to help you. We can help you answer all of the previously mentioned points and identify areas that you haven’t before looked into. We are a reputable SEO agency as we have managed to prove ourselves with our customers and have offered great service alongside our efforts. We boast some great results for our customers. Don’t fall behind in this digital age or use an untrusted search engine optimisation agency. 

We’ll ensure you are happy and have the right expectations set. We’ll also make sure that your budget allows for the results that you need. Like the saying goes ‘not all business is good business’. What we mean by this is that we won’t take you on if we are aware that you can’t get the results you need.

Level Up Marketing are very clear and concise from day 1. We state what we’re going to do and how we will execute it.

Free SEO Audit

Every customer that we sign up or attempt to sign up gets a free on-site SEO audit. It helps estimate the amount of work that needs doing and gives you an idea as to what has previously been done on-site. We use various tools to audit websites and we also have a poke around on your Google Search Console. Not sure what search console is? Here is a quick video.

If you’re looking for a reputable SEO agency, Level Up Marketing can help you. Grab your free search engine optimisation audit whilst you can by entering your details on the top right of this page.

We are a Google AdWords Agency in Bedford as well, so we can provide Google AdWords tips, feel free to take a look!